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Undocprint has moved to a new host. The DokuWiki has also been upgraded.
Christoph Lindemann 2011/07/29 11:06

Undocprint has been down the last few weeks, due to network problems, but is up and running again.
Christoph Lindemann 2011/07/20 22:44

Undocprint has moved servers.
Christoph Lindemann 2010/09/24 15:20

Undocprint has moved. The new address is
Christoph Lindemann 2006/12/12 12:53

I have closed down the forum. Please use the WinPrnDev mailinglist.
Christoph Lindemann 2006/11/15 12:49

As the forum is kind of low trafic, I have decided to start a Windows Printer Driver Development WinPrnDev. I think this would fit everyone much better, as it is not necessary to monitor the forum.
Christoph Lindemann 2006/04/19 12:32

We got new IP adresses for the servers. But I forgot to update the DNS record for undocprint site (DOH). I am sorry for any inconvenience.
Christoph Lindemann 2005/12/19 22:27

Finally moved the site over into a Wiki. So have fun editing :-)
Christoph Lindemann 2005/11/01 21:09

Mailing List

WinPrnDev - Windows Printer Driver Development
This list is dedicated to the development of printer drivers and spooler components for the Windows family of operating systems. Looking for Win32 or user-mode peer support? Not here.
But if you've got a design, implementation or support issue with a Windows printer driver, this is the place to be - Take the opportunity to learn from your peers to get over that particular development hump.


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